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SRAM RED WiFLi Rear Derailleur Recall

SRAM RED WiFLi rear derailleur recall

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, SRAM has voluntarily issued a safety recall on its 2012-2013 model-year RED WiFLi Rear Derailleurs because the pivot pin can loosen or dislodge, causing the rear derailleur to jam or interfere with the wheel, posing a fall hazard to riders.

The recalled derailleurs were sold both individually and on complete bicycles between September 2012 and March 2013. To tell if you have a recalled derailleur, check the serial number on the back of the derailleur pulley cage (photo).

SRAM RED WiFLi rear derailleur recall

 Serial numbers of affected products begin with one of the following four-digit codes:

31T2 37T2 43T2 49T2 03T3 09T3
32T2 38T2 44T2 50T2 04T3 10T3
33T2 39T2 45T2 51T2 05T3 11T3
34T2 40T2 46T2 52T2 06T3  
35T2 41T2 47T2 01T3 07T3  
36T2 42T2 78T2 02T3 08T3  

The remedy
If you have one of these derailleurs, please stop riding it immediately and return it to the point of purchase or your nearest authorized SRAM retailer for a free replacement, including installation.

SRAM contact information
For more information call 800.346.2928 or visit SRAM.